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Beerlize: A Beer Drinker's Guide to Belize

Updated: May 3

Vibrant Brews

Belize is not just about beach lounging and jungle adventures; it's also about sippin’ suds. Many people don't know this about Belize: there is an avid beer culture here. With a rich history and diverse flavors, Belizean breweries offer a delightful array of beers that cater to every palate. Let's dive into the vibrant world of Belizean brews and discover the uniqueness of each.

Stout Lovers Unite

I wanted to touch on this first because Stout is prolific in Belize. Having traveled extensively and spent a significant amount of vacation time in tropical climates, stout is not often found. That was until I came to Belize. They love their stout down here, and every brand brews one. You can even find the famous Guinness Draft in bottles, but the locals prefer to “go deh strong” and have a Belikin Stout. Belizean stouts aren't quite the same as the Guinness or Mill Street brews back home, but they still provide rich notes of chocolate and caramel with a higher percentage ABV.

Traditional Beer of Belize

A bottle of Belikin Stout sits on a wood dock with the ocean in the background
Go Deh Strong!

Belikin: A Taste of History

Any exploration of Belizean beer wouldn’t be complete without Belikin. As the country's most iconic beer, signified by the Altun Ha ruin printed on its label, Belikin embodies the essence of Belize. The beer derives its name from the word belikin, meaning “route to the east,” in the Mayan language. Other interpretations suggest that the beer's name was the original name for Belize, but this is debated. Regardless of the name's root, there's no debating that it's a beer backed by a nation. Whether you're cheers-ing a refreshing Belikin Lager or indulging in the robust flavor of Belikin Stout, each sip is a journey through Belize's cultural heritage.

Mine: The Latest Brew from CIB

For those seeking a crisp and refreshing taste, crack open a Mine Beer, the newest brew from Caribbean International Brewery Co.Ltd. With their commitment to quality and innovation, Mine Beer has a few distinct brews that reflect Belize's vibrant spirit. Each beer tells a story of passion and craftsmanship, from the refreshing and citrusy Mine Pale Ale to the bold and complex Mine Stout.

501: Embracing Local Flavors

Named after Belize's country code, 501 Lager is not your traditional Belizean brew. Brewed by beverage giant Bowen and Bowen, 501 is made with locally sourced ingredients from local farmers. It's a tasty Belizean take on Jimmy Buffet's Landshark. With subtle hints of hops and malt, 501 is a refreshing beer well suited for life on the beach. Pair it with ceviche and chips, and you have an authentic Caribbean taste.

R&B: A Beer for Life in Belize

R&B lager can held up in foreground with thatched beach umbrella in the background
R&B Lager

R&B Lager brings a unique twist to Belizean beer with its fusion of Caribbean and international influences. From the zesty R&B Caribbean Lager to the smooth and creamy R&B Stout, each beer is a harmonious blend of flavors that tantalizes the taste buds.

Craft Beer of Belize

Three cans of various Hobbs beer sit in sand, with the sea behind them
Hobbs Beer Selection

Hobbs: Craft Beer Meets Caribbean Flair

The self-proclaimed “Craft Beer of Belize,” Hobbs Brewery was the first official craft beer in the country. With roots as a brew pub in New Hampshire, Hobbs expanded to Placencia, Belize, in 2019 and began brewing tasty ales and stouts. Providing the country with the first IPA, Hobbs continues to innovate and brew with local ingredients. My favorites are the Mango Hefeweizen and the Hummingbird Golden Ale, but I enjoy a Wildcat IPA and Blue Marlin Coffee Stout occasionally. The Hobbs Brew Barge is a short drive down the peninsula from The Green House by the Sea, where you can enjoy live music, tasty food, and flavourful beer. If you want to enjoy Hobbs off the Barge, it's available in many stores along the peninsula. Maya Beach Store, aka Susan Store, also stocks 12 oz cans.

Two-5: The Beer for Friends

Two-5 Beer Logo
Belizean Craft Beer at its Finest

Two-5 is a Belizean-born craft beer company blending local culture with traditional brewing methods. Their name is slang for ‘best friend' in Belizean Kriol, and the brewery is home to the first female brewer in Belize. I enjoy Hobbs, but Two-5 is my favourite Belizean craft beer. With a wide variety of brews, from IPAs, Amber Ales, Saison’s, Pale Ales, and Porters, there are suds for all taste buds.  You can enjoy their brews on tap at Placencia Beach Club and the fabled Tipsy Tuna. I have not seen their product in stores, but I heard whispers that something will come to shelves soon.

A Beer For All

In a view from behind, a tank top and hat wearing man holds up a beer in a tropical setting

Belize is a haven for beer lovers. Even though the country offers a diverse array of brews that showcase the country's rich culture and heritage, you can still find some familiar brands from back home, like Heineken, Red Stripe, and Landshark. But for the avid beer lover, exploring what the country offers is where it's at. Whether you're sipping on a traditional Belikin Lager or exploring the innovative creations of Two-5 Brewing Company, each beer hints at a history of passion, creativity, and craftsmanship. So, raise a glass, cheers to beer, and good times in Belize!

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